Winter: A time for resting and nourishing

As the new year rapidly approaches and all of the binge eating of junk comes to a close, people start talking about resolutions. I get it, I do. And I am ALL for getting healthy but let’s step back and take a look at winter.

Winter is traditionally a time for rest (hello hibernation!) and storing. It is a time to step back and rest after the longer days of summer. The days can be cold and dark, a time to reset.

Winter: A time for resting and nourishing

A key part in healing is rest! (Am I emphasizing the word REST enough?)  Almost all of our body systems need a chance to relax and recharge.

If we take the time to rest and reset during the winter, when spring rolls around we will be ready for detox, ready for the longer days where we need more energy to go! Your body will be nourished and have the energy needed to be more active.

And you know what? I know this a tall order. I KNOW it is HARD to rest and set aside time to do it. But, you are worth it! Your body is worth it, it is the only one you are going to get. It will do you know good to run through all your reserves to only run on fumes. Your body can only take that for so long. Trust me, I really know.

I am paying for running on fumes for years, for not giving my body the time it needed to rest. I am paying for not nourishing my body they way it needed. So, this winter, I am not going to start the new year with cleansing. I am going to give my body a rest.

Winter: A time for resting and nourishingI am going to nourish my body and let it recharge.

So, my focus for my blog this coming year is to share ways to rest, recharge and nourish our bodies. This is different for everyone but I will share what I am doing and hopefully inspire you to rest and nourish your body as well.

My friends, it is time to stop beating yourself for your choices but it is time to start listening to your body. “Inch by inch, little by little” as we say at my house. You’ve got this and we are going to get healthy. But, it doesn’t have to be all through tough detox and cleansing. (But, don’t get me wrong, there will be a time for some cleansing. 😉 )

We are going to nourish and rest so we can move forward.

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*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. says

    Cheers! Let’s hear it for ‘recharging your batteries’ as we call it around our home. But for the mamas, we gotta take time for ourselves too. This does not equate to working our ‘at home’ business without interruption (which is a luxury too) but we really need time to ourselves for healing, recovery, and quiet. =)

  2. says

    Yes!! I have totally been feeling this! Resting, pausing, reflecting… so vital to our health and wellness! Looking forward to hearing what you have to share about how you plan to put this into “action”… (or would it be “in”action?! haha)

  3. Jennifer Margulis says

    I haven’t been very successful about resting so far this winter but I agree with this post and will take your advice to heart!

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