Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs?

(This post was created for the Just Label It campaign for which I am a paid labeling advocate. However, the opinions expressed are my own.)

My family’s health is something I am fiercely protective of, I consider it part of my job to make sure I am doing all I can to ensure that my kids grow up as healthy as possible.

For us, that means avoiding things that can cause health issues, chemicals, franken foods, herbicides and GMO foods, all of which play a roll in our world today.

Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs? #revealorconceal

When I first dove into the world of naturally living, I had no clue why GMO food were harmful. Now, I am fully aware and avoid them at all costs.

However, that is no easy feat as companies are not required to label, but in fact some companies are even trying to hide the fact that they contain GMO food.

Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs?

Did you know that Quaker’s parent company, PepsiCo, is spending millions to keep you and your family from knowing what’s in your food?

Quaker is one of the Big Food companies using their funds to lobby against mandatory GMO labeling. Through the trade association, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, they’re supporting a bill in Congress we call the DARK Act – because it would Deny Americans the Right to Know whether our food has been genetically engineered.

But, what can you do to help to help?

Sign the petition below to ask Quaker to join us and to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs! It’s hard maintaining that honest image when they’re stopping consumers from knowing what’s in their food.

GMO crops have led to huge increases in herbicide use, which contributes to an array of threats to the health of people and the environment.

Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs? Sign the petition and make your voice heard that we have a right to know if our food contains GMOs.

In fact,  the World Health Organization recently labeled the main herbicide used on GMO crops as probably carcinogenic. This is just one more unnecessary stress that our bodies do not need.

The people in our country are tired of being kept in the dark. That’s why I’m working with Just Label It to bring the Conceal or Reveal campaign to Quaker’s doorstep. But we need your voice, too.

That is why Just Label It is sponsoring a petition to get companies, like Quaker to label GMO products. If you are someone who cares what is going in your family’s food, then please take a moment to make your voice known and sign this petition

(This post was created for the Just Label It campaign for which I am a paid labeling advocate. However, the opinions expressed are my own.)

*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. says

    I hate that so many companies try to hide things from us as consumers of their products. Here’s to hoping for a future of changes for the good.

  2. says

    Wow, I had no idea! I also don’t know if I know the entire scope of how harmful they are, but that would be good to research. I get discouraged when lobbyists seem to rule our country more than our elected officials (or are they just the same?).

  3. says

    They better reveal!! I never knew that they were in their products and will definitely not purchase them in the future, if they keep it that way.

  4. says

    I just love you…I’m so glad I found you as we speak the same language. About 1.5 years ago I started “living clean” and through reading and research I’m amazed at how much misinformation is out there. And, how many companies really are focused on the bottom line rather than embracing recommendations from the WHO. I look forward to staying connected. I’m sharing this..

  5. says

    I really get frustrated when food companies label products as “all natural” or “no artificial ingredients” when their products are filled with ingredients that whole foodies would not ever want to eat. I’m all for labeling and transparency in the food industry!

  6. says

    Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a farm wife and mom of two little boys and on our farm we raise both GMO and non-GMO crops. Me and some of my mom friends who advocate for science have written a letter to anyone who is concerned about GMOs and GMO labeling. I hope you take the time to read it and reach out to us if you have any questions. I think we can agree, we all want what’s best for our kids.


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