How to make cayenne tincture

Cayenne tincture has many medicinal purposes and it is easy to make. Just throw those peppers in the blender with vodka and you are set! 

A few summers ago we had a BUMPER crop of cayenne peppers, actually all of our peppers. I did everything I could think of with these bad boys.

Cayenne tincture has many medicinal purposes and it is easy to make. Just throw those peppers in the blender with vodka and you are set!

We ate them fresh, made salsa, made hot sauce, made fermented hot sauce, hot pepper jelly, hot pepper relish, froze them, dehydrated and powdered them and I was still swimming in bushels of them. I even tried to give them away, but believe it or not most people do not want a bushel of hot peppers.

Hmph. So, out came the blender and the vodka and I made a HUGE batch of cayenne tincture.

If you’re new to tincture making, this is easy peasy. One of the easiest tinctures you can make.

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What you will need:

How to:

  • Place peppers and vodka (I don’t even take the stems off any more) in the blend and whirl under mostly chopped
  • Let tincture set for 2-4 weeks. (Shake the jar a few times if you remember)
  • To strain, just put the funnel in the jar, cover with cheesecloth and pour peppers in
  • Let drip for an hour and then squeeze the rest of the liquid from the peppers and discard.

My two tips for you are make sure you LABEL your tinctures with what it is and the date. Really, I promise, you won’t remember what it is and when you made it a few months from now. Especially if you are reaching for it during an illness. (Trust me on this one)

And my second tip is wear gloves while handling the peppers and tincture. When you are done and remove your gloves, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, especially before you rub your eye or change a baby’s diaper. Pepper oil is strong stuff.

Cayenne tincture has many medicinal purposes and it is easy to make. Just throw those peppers in the blender with vodka and you are set!

After everything was strained, I had about a gallon of tincture.  While we will have cayenne tincture here for a long time, we really do use it on a daily basis. Cayenne is a great source of vitamin C and because it helps improve circulation, it’s a great herb for heart health.

Cayenne is at catalyst which helps boost any other herbal supplement you are taking, I usually take a few drops when I’m taking my vitamins.

We keep a bottle in our cars, diaper bag and I have one in my purse. One of my favorite herbalists, Dr. Christopher, has said he has never lost a heart patient with cayenne.

Another great book, “Left for Dead” by Dick Quinn, has a testimony of using cayenne pepper for his heart disease. He was virtually sent home to die when he discovered cayenne and it changed his life. “Left for Dead” contains information on others herbs that are good for heart health.

Cayenne can be used to help stop bleeding. I cut my finger while opening a can one night and it was bleeding pretty badly. I poured some powdered cayenne on it. While it burned like nobody’s business for a bit, it  stopped the bleeding.

I have one brave friend that will tell you to snort cayenne powder for a sinus infection. (She may be a little nutty but it does clean you out!)

So, while we have a lot of cayenne here, it will sure come in handy.

What’s your favorite use for cayenne? 


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    I was swimming these peppers too. I ended up dehydrating them. Glad you mentioned you can use the tincture with dried chili peppers. Does it burn when you take the tincture? I have a very low tolerance to chilis. They make my mouth numb.

  2. says

    That cayenne tincture was SOOO helpful with a cold I had last year! Clears you right up! I didn’t know that about taking it with your vitamins – I will start doing that! Thank you!

  3. says

    Wow! I had no idea how great cayenne peppers were for heart health. I had so many in my garden last year – wish I had known this then! Pinned for next year :)


  1. […] Cayenne has so many great purposes, including fresh salsa, but it also wonderful at helping control bleeding. Use in tincture or powder (1 tsp. in a cup of warm water), given orally, cayenne can slow and even stop bleeding. It can also be applied directly to a bleeding cut (yes, it burns, but it works!). […]

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