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I’ve mentioned this a few times on my blog and on my Facebook page so I feel like I need to devote a post to it. I can honestly say I’m not sure where to start or what I need to tell you.

I can tell you that I have spent a good portion of my life battling weight. I’ve never been thin. I have been thinner and I have been healthier. I’ve have gotten to those places in healthy and not healthy ways.

Now that I’m old, well, by my own standards anyway, I can tell you that healthier is better than skinnier. (But, the vain part of me would love to be skinny!)

I can also tell you that once you have kids it’s really easy to not take care of yourself the way you need to. I really want to tell you that you aren’t doing anyone any good to let yourself go because those little people you have running around your house need you to be at your best. I’ve found myself guilty of this and am digging my way out.

After my Hashimoto’s diagnosis, I needed a kick in the pants. I had a very low supply of energy and  my weight seemed to keep climbing. Nothing really seemed to work to make it stop or, gasp, even loose some of the pounds. Hashimoto’s and other thyroid conditions are awesome at helping you pack on the weight. 😛

I have spent a lot of time researching and trying to find help in healing my thyroid and immune system. For a few weeks I decided to try a vegan diet. I don’t mean the chips and bread kind but the veggies and beans kind of vegan. While I felt great and feel like I did help heal my body, I didn’t lose a single pound. Hmph.

I also decided to stick with being gluten free. Gluten can be a major trigger for people with autoimmune disorders, even some main stream doctors will admit that going gluten free have helped bring antibody counts down. Will you know, my weight started to climb…again. For real.


Along came Trim Healthy Mama. I have a few friends that have been using this plan and the weight was FALLING off of them. I made a mental note to try it but was working through eliminating a few things from my diet first, to see what was triggering inflammation. Then I had a crash in my health. I decided to just order the book and give it a try.

And I am thankful! So, so thankful to have found a plan that I can work into my whole food’s diet. Thankful I can do this and still be gluten free. Thankful I can do this and still feed my family the same meals. Thankful to FINALLY kick the sugar habit. Thankful to have energy again. Thankful that my hands no longer hurt when I wake up in the morning. Thankful that I wake up refreshed. Thankful I can still have coffee in the morning. Thankful that I’m not starving to loose pounds. Thankful that in five weeks I have lost 17 pounds and four inches off of my waist. Thankful to feeling like I’m on my way back to healthy.

The basic plan is you can have carbs and you can have fats, in fact, you need both to fuel your body, but you don’t need to eat them together. When you have a satisfying “S” meal (fat), you need to limit your carbs. (And I don’t mean carbs from good healthy veggies) When you have an energizing meal “E” (carbs), you need to keep the fat content down.

This low carb, gluten free pizza is considered an "S" meal on the plan!

This low carb, gluten free pizza is considered an “S” meal on the plan!

There are a few things you are going to need to give up…white bread, sugar, potatoes, and milk for example. I’m telling you, it’s worth it and you won’t miss them! The victory of losing some inches makes those taters not so tempting.

I have read some great reviews about Trim Healthy Mama and really feel I can’t sum it up any better then them, so check them out!

My friend Gwen has a great book review, here! She also shows her progress pictures and a few tips and tricks to get that tricky weight to come off. Gwen also moderates the Trim Healthy Mama group on Facebook. That is a great place to get a feel for the diet before purchasing the book or while you are learning THM.

This blog by Stacy has a ton of great recipes, pictures and review of the book. You can find her blog here.

My dear friend, the self proclaimed slacker, that introduced me to THM, explains why she loves THM and her progress. You can find her blog here.

The THM Facebook page has some great testimonies, recipes and pictures to check out too.

I am very happy with the book’s diet guide. I don’t agree with everything outside of the plan but there is a TON of great, easy to read information on the diet itself, how insulin works in the body and a big chapter on hormones. There is also a big section of recipes that are fun to tweak and make to your family’s liking.

I plan on keeping you updated on my progress and maybe I’ll get brave and post before and after pictures…when I’m at my goal weight any way. :)


*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. says

    I know I should buy this book but I’m so afraid I’ll spend all that money (it’s so expensive!) and not stick to it. It’s so radically different and I’m not married to the most healthy eater. I’m interested though. :)

    • sunshine4th says

      It’s a good buy. And you don’t have to be a healthy eater to follow plan, which is awesome. :)

      • Linda says

        you could join the face book page, and try it using information there, see if you like it and then decide if you think you can follow it and purchase book

  2. rachel v. says

    the book is on my b-day list hoping my hubby gets it for me :)
    FYI the link to stacy’s page did not work for me

  3. says

    Hi Jess! I apologize for leaving this here, but I didn’t see another method of contact.

    My name is Stacy and I blog over at Stacy Makes Cents. I’ve paired together with Gwen from Gwen’s Nest to start a new Trim Healthy Mama weekly-link up called Trim Healthy Tuesday!
    It was brought to our attention that you are a Trim Healthy Mama and we wanted to reach out to you and ask for help! We would love it if you would link up with us each week, sharing your trim, healthy lifestyle.
    Each week we’d love for you to link up a recipe, kitchen tip, how-to, menu, and/or exercise post that can include before and after photos (modest photos only, please). We will accept up to three posts from your blog each week! And we ask that each week they not be repeats from a previous week’s link up.
    All you have to do is share this information on your website and then come over to one of our blogs on Tuesday to link-up! Links posted on one blog will show on both for maximum exposure for your blog. We ask that you use your own photos, but a Trim Healthy Tuesday button will be provided.
    Each week Gwen and I will choose three of our favorite posts from the prior week and we will display them on our blog and post them on Facebook/Twitter during the week. Feel free to use the featured button on your blog in that same post. We will also display the link that received the most clicks.
    Gwen and I will also be providing our own tips and recipes on Tuesday to share the Trim Healthy Mama love!
    We would LOVE for you to participate in this link up! Please see below for our official guidelines. And if you have any questions, give one of us a holler. 

    ~Stacy and Gwen
    Guidelines for Linked Posts:
    1. Accepted post topics will be: Trim Healthy Mama-related recipes, kitchen tips, weekly menus, ‘how to’ articles, or exercise tips. MODEST before and after photos may be attached to any of the above. Please do not link personal progress reports or non-THM recipes.
    2. You may post links from YOUR blog to recipes that are Trim Healthy Mama friendly. They can be S (satisfying), E (energizing), FP (Fuel Pull), or Crossovers. Please note which of these categories your recipe falls under. Nutrition information for your recipe is helpful, but not mandatory.
    3. Please respect the copyright of the book, and do not post recipes from the Trim Healthy Mama book on your blog or in this link up. You MAY post recipes that you’ve changed to make your own, but nothing verbatim from the book.
    4. Please link your post back to one of the hosting blogs above: Gwen’s Nest or Stacy Makes Cents. Your link will show up on both blogs!
    5. Please post no more than 3 links each week.
    6. Post new links from your blog each week – do not post the same link each week.
    7. You may include recipes with “Splenda” and other similar products or foods that are considered “compromise foods”, but please note that in the recipe, and either make them optional or offer substitutions for on plan items if possible. Please do not use ingredients that are off plan…like white potatoes.
    8. No giveaways or advertising-only type posts are allowed. You may post about cookbooks that you like and you may include affiliate links, but the post MUST be THM friendly. Example – posting about an eCookbook that you like is acceptable when telling how it can help with THM. Posting about a cookbook just so you can sell it is NOT acceptable.
    9. Any post that does not meet the guidelines outlined above will be considered Spam and will be deleted.
    10. For help with determining where your recipes fall, visit Gwen’s THM Quick Start Guide.

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