Trim Healthy Mama Caramel Sauce

After taking a bit of a break, I decided to jump back into the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. The break was good, no weight gained back. However, I can feel my thyroid taking a hypo swing and I’d like to avoid packing on the pounds again.

When I drifted over to the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook group page, I saw lots of talk of caramel sauce. Well, that sounded about perfect! I raced to the kitchen and started playing and came up with a yummy sauce! (Thanks to all the THM ladies for the inspirations on the page, I never would have thought to try it. )

This caramel sauce is so simple, you'll want to drink it all at once....and it is Sugar free! This was so fast to throw together. All you need (affiliate links) is butter, xylitol, molasses,  (make sure you get one without sugar in it!) vanilla extract and some cream (You can sub half and half) and you will have something you will swear should not be legal on a ‘diet’. It is for sure an S item!

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Trim Healthy Mama Caramel Sauce
A sugar free sauce perfect for desserts or an added treat to your coffee!
  • ¼ cup xylitol
  • ¼ cup butter
  • ¼ tsp. molasses
  • ¼ tsp. vanilla extract
  • ¼ cup heavy cream
  • a dash of sea salt
  1. Melt butter, xylitol and molasses together on medium to low heat. (DO NOT BOIL)
  2. Stir constantly to avoid burning the sauce.
  3. Add vanilla, cream and salt and stir until well incorporated, while still on LOW heat
  4. Pour into jar and allow to cool before serving.

This is a yummy treat drizzled on your morning coffee…sigh. And if you are looking for a chocolate sauce, this one is amazing (and dairy free!)

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What is your FAVORITE Trim Healthy Mama dessert? 

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  1. says

    I can’t tell you thank you enough for this recipe!! It is SOOO good! I could just eat it out of the jar with a spoon. I had it as a crossover with 1/2 an apple (didn’t have green so used red which made it a crossover). Yum! I gave my 16yo son a bite and he literally stole my bowl. I had to go fix me more :) Then he fixed himself another bowl with a whole apple. He isn’t even following THM!

  2. Jen says

    Thank you for this! My kids ate some very not-on-plan caramel rolls so I made a batch of this and a cake in a mug. It saved me! I’m now trying to keep myself from drinking the leftover syrup from the jar :/

  3. Stacy says

    Thank you so much for this recipe! It is amazing! I’ve been using it in my coffee to make a “carmel macchioto”. I will be keeping a batch in the fridge at all times!

    • says

      Hi Gemma. This thickens pretty good. In the picture it’s still HOT so it looks thinner. I’ve made it and cooked it a bit too long and had to had a bit more cream or half and half. I hope that helps you.

      • Amy DuBose says

        Hi- I just made this for the first time and would really love it if you could add more specific instructions on how long to cook at each stage? I’m trying to get it to a caramel-like consistency and it’s just not happening. I finally poured it up and hope it thickens. Or maybe it’s supposed to be super thin. Not sure if I did something wrong but being a little more detailed on cooking times would be super helpful. Thanks.

        • says

          Hi Amy. I haven’t made this in awhile but when I do I will update some more times. It is a bit thinner than regular caramel. I do find it thickens as it cools a bit.

  4. Kay Sophia says

    Any possibility of the spelling of “Carmamel” being corrected in the recipe box instructions before I print it?? (It’s spelled correctly elsewhere.)

  5. Heather says

    Do you think that if I use liquid stevia and add some Gluccie to thicken it up this still might work? I have been wanting some Carmel lately and all I have is liquid stevia right now! :(

  6. Corinne says

    I tried this with THM Erythritol. It’s darker than yours. I’m hoping it thickens as it cools. :)

    To clarify the instructions, do I boil the first three ingredients together, remove from heat, and then add the last ingredients? How long should I boil for?

    Thanks kindly

    • says

      The darker can just be how brown the butter gets…I have gone longer and had a richer color.

      It should thicken as it cools, but it is not overly thick. (The picture is off it hot of the stove!)

      You don’t need to go quite to a boil, just a gently bubbling, that is why I say low to medium, depending on your stove. You want to just keep stirring until everything is smooth.

      I hope that helps. :)

      • Corinne says

        So do you boil all the ingredients at once?
        Combine the first 3, heat them up, add the last 3, boil altogether?
        add the last three once it comes off the stove?


        • says

          You want to melt the first three ingredients on low, while stirring, then add the last three while still on low heating until everything is well incorporated. But, do this all on low, not boiling. I updated the recipe to make that a bit more clear. :)

  7. Dawn says

    My version came out much, much darker (a very dark brown). I attributed the color to the molasses, but yours seems very lightly colored. Did I do something wrong?

  8. says

    Can this be made with half and half instead of HWC? I avoid carrageenan as much as possible and can’t find HWC without it in my area. Sounds delicious and I love that it doesn’t need caramel flavoring. I’d like to use this to make Turtle Cheesecake Bars from Mrs. Criddle’ s Kitchen for a cheesecake :) Thanks!

  9. Tina says

    Hey girl! just made this carmel sauce & i got 2 thumbs up from my 17 yearold son soo thank you for creating this.. Also all i had was THM gentle sweet i did 1/4c +2tbls & it was perfect . just wanted to let you know it can be done the the gentle sweet . Thanks again! Tina

  10. Pam Wells says

    Mine ended up looking like caramel colored milk. It never thickened up. I used the right amount of THM super sweet blend according to the conversion chart. I don’t know what I did wrong. :(

    • says

      hi Pam. I think the super sweet blend will not add enough bulk to the sauce to make it thicker. That is what others that have tried it and emailed me have said. however, I’ve had a few people say that they have used gentle sweet and it worked. I have not tried it yet though.


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