Five Tips for the Gardening Newbie

Spring is officially here and summer is around the corner, my mind is ready to garden! Now if the snow would melt, that would be great….

Five Tips for the Gardening Newbie

Starting a garden is wonderful, but it can also be a big stress for anyone that hasn’t done it before. I do not consider myself a veteran gardener, but I’ve had a garden almost every summer for the past eight years.

I have struggled and had a lot of success too! I’d like to share a few tips that might help you out if you are just starting your gardening journey

Five Tips for the Gardening Newbie! 

1.) Start small.

I know that sounds easy, but I’m telling you, you’re going to start looking at seed catalogs or head to the local nursery and see all of those plants green and growing and you can go crazy! It’s easy to want to plant and do everything your first year but start small.

Gardening is a lot of work. And your enthusiasm at the start will be high but it may not be the same when August rolls around. Once the produce starts coming in, the garden still need to be tended, weeded, and watered.

2.) Know your soil.

You don’t need to go research every little item about the technicalities of gardening but knowing your soil will save you a lot of heartache. Some things just do not do well in some soil types while others can thrive.

We have VERY sandy soil here. I wish I had realized that more when I started. Things that grow under ground do great here….others need more work and love to do well.

3.)Place your garden where it will be easy to water. 

Sounds kind of silly, I know. However, our garden is about the farthest thing from our well. The first year we were constantly dragging the hose across the yard and had to add extensions to it for it to reach. (We now have a well by our garden, so much easier!)

If it is a dry summer, your garden will need some watering. (If your soil is sandy like ours, then it will REALLY need water)

4.) Get the whole family involved.

Gardens may be a lot of work but they are also a lot of fun. We enjoy doing it as family. It is a wonderful project for kids. My kids love any excuse to play in the dirt, use a hose…this is perfect. But, the truth is, it is a wonderful learning experience for them to see the whole process.

5.) Have fun! 

Don’t get caught up in the technicalities, enjoy your time out in the dirt and sun. Some things will do great, others maybe eaten by bugs but you will learn as you go. And you will have amazing produce that you grew yourself!!

Five Tips for the Newbie Gardener

What’s your best tip for a newbie gardener?

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