The Ever Evolving Vitamin Routine.

I get asked a lot about vitamins and supplements since I decided to try and heal my hashimoto’s naturally. It seems like I’m constantly changing just what I’m doing so I probably seem kind of supplement crazy.

P1010154The truth is, hashimoto’s is an illness that cycles and to stick so the same vitamin routine just doesn’t seem to fit. In an ideal world, we’d get all we need from our food. We all know that isn’t happening with all the chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s, depleted soil, franken food…should I keep going?

D3 is something that I take daily. People with thyroid issues generally are depleted so I make sure to keep up with D3. When you get D3 make sure it doesn’t have any yucky filler oils, like soy.

And while technically not a supplement, my family and I consume a lot of cultured food and beverages. We drink beet kvass, water kefir, dairy kefir, kombucha, rotated daily. We also use cultured hot sauce and sauerkraut. In my opinion, it’s the best way to keep up the gut flora, which is essential for an autoimmune disorders.


L-glutamine is something that I also take to help heal the gut. It was recommended by a friend that also has hashi’s.

Cell salts are also key in our routine. So many illnesses are due to mineral deficiencies. Cell salts do not provide minerals to the body but they help utilize the minerals already in your body. After my second miscarriage I could not get rid of my restless legs and leg cramps. I upped my calcium and magnesium, tried potassium and my old stand by of cod liver oil would not touch them. I tried the #8 cell salt for magnisium and my problem disappeared. My body had plenty of the minerals but I think due to the stress of the miscarriage, my body wasn’t processing them properly.

Those are my main, daily supplements. Then, depending on my thyroid cycles, I add or take away as I feel my body needs or doesn’t need.

Selenium. When my thyroid and body seems sluggish, I take this. Selenium is key to thyroid function so in a hypo state my body does well with it. But, if I am taking a swing near hyper, then I drop it. I don’t want to add to my thyroid over working and I can feel the difference when I avoid the selenium.

When my thyroid is in a hyper state, I do as much a I can to support my immune system. I stick to a strict gluten free diet and up my probiotics.

I also make sure to add Rock Rose essential oil to help with my anxiety and keep Rescue Remedy handy.

P1010098This is my current routine and what is working for me. I have recently started the Trim Healthy Mama diet and I feel great. I have FINALLY kicked the sugar habit and have lost 15 pounds in a month! Phew! The scale has been slowly creeping up with my thyroid being out of whack and nothing has worked. This diet is working and I don’t have to compromise my idea of whole foods! Yahoo! ( I’m working on a post to tell you more about this too!)


    • Jessica says

      The symptom differences for me when I’m hypo are REALLY slugglish digestion, fatigue and bloating. When I’m hyper, it’s heart palpitations an anxiety. They are so vastly different.

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