Why taking caring of your family includes taking care of you!

I almost cringe when I hear the words ‘self care’. My mind conjures up imagines of selfishness. But, really, what does self care involve?

Self care means taking care of your body and mind. Why is that selfish? It’s not! To be honest, if you do not take care of your self, you aren’t going to be able to take care of your family. 

Why taking care of your family means taking care of you!

What’s the point of burning yourself out so much that you are useless to your family?

Self care doesn’t have to be expensive or even time consuming. It just involves keeping you healthy.

What does being healthy take for you?

For me, it means making sure I take the time out of each day to accomplish a few things.

I take a bath almost every evening. (Ha, yes, I hope most of you bathe on a daily basis!) This is not just my getting clean shower. This is a candle, a cup of hot chaga, a good book, epsom salts, bubbles and essential oils!

Before my feet hit the floor running, I take time in the morning to pray. I usually do this as I hear my husband is getting ready for work. He will joke that he could say anything to me in the morning before he goes and I’ll mumble, “I love you, drive safely!” The truth is, I also utter that in prayer. It starts my day off on a good foot.

I have to have some music going while I’m cleaning and working in the kitchen! I like to keep hymns or praise music ringing. It makes me happy. It puts my kids in a better mood too! You can’t be crabby when you’re singing, “When we all get to heaven!”

Fresh air! Sunshine! I try to get outside for a few minutes every day to clear my head. It’s been tough with our sub par weather this winter but even a walk to the mailbox can help keep my head a float.

I need to take my supplements. Yes, I can’t forget this…as forgetting some of them can really put me behind. I’ve been known to post notes around or set a timer. Don’t knock it, it works when you have mama brain!

Get moving!  While it is not my favorite things to do, I make sure a few times a week I take a walk or do T Tapp or pilates, whatever it is, to get my body moving. Muscles that don’t work get sore and old. Exercising also helps keep lymph fluid moving as well.

My list is rather simple and it is so easy to skip over it. But, is it worth it? I need to keep myself healthy so that I can take care of my kids.

I also want them to remember their mama being healthy and happy! Don’t neglect yourself on your daily to do list!

What are you favorites ways to take time for you during a busy day? 

*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. says

    Absolutely, ‘self care’ is necessary! After all, putting your own oxygen mask on first is what they say each and every time I fly, not put on masks for everyone else and exhaust yourself!

    Self care is just tuning in long enough to know what your body needs; some fresh air or simply five minutes with a cup of tea. Great article!

  2. says

    This is so very good!!!!!

    We are teaching a workshop this weekend called Loving Yourself Well. We are focusing on natural remedies and herbs that enhance our lives, caring for ourselves in an intentional and mindful way, so we can in turn care for others better.

    Big applause for this post from over in our neck of the woods!

    By the way, we will be Live Streaming the event if you are interested. Information on our website. I won’t post it here….seems so spammy. LOL!

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