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Lemon Essential Oil

I’ve said it before but I am a supplement/natural health products junkie. I’ll admit it!

Since trying doTerra’s essential oils, I decided that I wanted to try a few more. I read a bit about the use of OnGuard for warts and wanted to try it on my son’s planters warts. (That will be a separate post, I know, the suspense is going to kill you, right?)

Lemon Essential Oil

But, my experiment today was with lemon essential oil. During my research I came across a statement that said lemon EO could be used to get adhesive off of clothing. Well, hello! I have a shirt that somebody, I won’t point fingers, washed with a sticky name tag still on it. No, it wasn’t just a play shirt but in fact, a brand new shirt of my husband’s.

I tried a lot of things to get the glue off but it was useless. My husband now had a brand new yard work shirt.

Since lemon EO came with my new oils, I decided to give it a try on the shirt. I really had nothing to lose.

I put a few drops and rubbed it in. I let it sit for a bit and then rinsed it in the wash.

What do you know? The stain looked incredibly better!

So, I went for round two with the oil and actually worked it into the shirt and let it sit for about an hour, then threw it in the washer to rinse out.

After the final washing…..

Lemon Essential Oil

SUCCESS! This shirt has plagued me because I was so irritated at myself for ruining a new shirt! :)

I will not be without Lemon Essential Oil in my house!

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