Stocking up the ‘herbal medicine’ cabinet


We are quickly approaching Fall and not long after that Winter. It’s such a busy time, starting school and trying to can, freezing and dehydrating the end of the summer bounty. But, as a good friend reminded me, it’s time to start thinking about stocking up the winter ‘medicine’ cabinet. When you treat your family…

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The Ever Evolving Vitamin Routine.

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I get asked a lot about vitamins and supplements since I decided to try and heal my hashimoto’s naturally. It seems like I’m constantly changing just what I’m doing so I probably seem kind of supplement crazy. The truth is, hashimoto’s is an illness that cycles and to stick so the same vitamin routine just…

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Beet Kvass is Worth it!

"My beets before they became deer food"

I don’t like beets. Really, I don’t. If you take a look at my garden each summer you probably wouldn’t guess that because I usually have rows of them growing. (Except last year, I started the garden season with rows of them before they became deer food) Beets are really good for you. I personally…

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