DIY herbal vitamin C syrup


Winter has come in with a roar this week here in MI! We already have a foot of snow and my boys are ecstatic to go play in it. (They think the snow plow only comes to make hills for them, not for the purpose being able to get out of our yard!) I decided…

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How to make elderberry syrup gummies

how to make elderberry syrup gummies.

(This post contains affiliate links there no extra charge for you to purchase through the links. If you do make a purchase, we make a percentage of the sale. This helps keep the content of the blog free.) As a mom, I sometimes struggle with being overly paranoid about germs. It’s not that I think…

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How to get your Kids to eat (and like) Vegetables

How to get your kids to eat (and like) vegetables

Anyone who knows my family well enough knows that my kids like vegetables. Don’t misunderstand me, my oldest would eats pounds of white pasta if allowed but that doesn’t mean he won’t eat a big helping of salad. And the questions I get asked most often,  “How do you get your kids to eat that?…

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Sometimes I wish I didn’t know

"Making Blender Salsa"

Ahhh…my sweet six year. He was looking through one of his animal magazines this morning and asked me to make him Zebra pudding. (Which is really chocolate pudding alternating layers with whipped cream.) I don’t like to disappoint my little Jedi but I didn’t have the makings for whipped cream so I told him we’d…

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