Elderberries from harvest to preservation


Elderberries are finally starting to ripen around here. The green berries start to darken and become heavy with beautiful berries. These scrubby looking bushes are a common site in damp ditches along our country roads. I’m so thankful to have found a good supply to be able to stock up on berries for the winter…

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done an herbal post! Since summer is a prime time to photo some of my favorite herbs, I decided that I need to get a post up this week. Comfrey is a plant that came to my garden by accident, thanks to some cows that chowed down on some. 😉…

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Natural Relief for Sunburn

Simply Healthy Home (15)

Winter is officially over and I am sporting a mean farmer’s tan. Truth be told, I was sporting a super bright red sunburn, with blisters even, for a few days. Sigh. It’s been a long winter for my pale skin. When I was a kid, I remember sunburn being so awful. I also remember being…

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Nourishing our Bodies with Herbs


When I first began learning about herbs I was looking at it in such a limited view. “Plantain is for infection, comfrey is for broke bones, yarrow is for fevers…” And while those still hold to be true in my house, I also know that herbs are complex and kind of have a ‘life’ of…

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Mullein and Lobelia

Mullien and Lobelia: How to use them together

I really am only a newbie in the world of herbs. I’ve been using them for about eight years now and each year I find I have so much more to learn. Lately, I’ve gotten caught up in learning some new things, however, I neglected some of the basics that I had come to rely…

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