Chicken ‘fried rice’ quinoa (gluten free/ thm)

Chicken 'fried' quinoa (gluten free/ thm)

Is anyone else a big quinoa fan? I totally am but I fall into a quinoa rut a lot. My goal this month, because I am working on eating more carbs (E meals for those of you on the Trim Healthy Mama plan) to help my adrenals, is to experiment with quinoa more.   I…

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Apple Crisp (gluten,dairy, egg, and sugar free)

A recipe for apple crisp that is gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free!

I’ve been playing in the kitchen this week, mainly with baked goods. For awhile I was just not ready to attempt to bake things that were gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free. I think my brain was too tired to handle it. But, this mama needs dessert and this apple crisp is gluten,dairy, egg, and sugar…

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Gluten/dairy/egg free Trim Healthy Mama weekly menu

A weekly meal plan for the allergy friendly Trim Healthy Mama. Or for anyone who is gluten, dairy and egg free!

Ask and you shall receive. 😉 Last week I posted a collection of Trim Healthy Mama “E” meals that are gluten/dairy/egg free, since then my inbox has been full of messages asking for a a weekly, allergy-friendly menu. Well, I am going to try to do be able to do this for you for awhile….

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Sugar free ‘peanut butter’ apple smoothie

'peanut butter' apple smoothie (sugar free)

It may not be officially fall yet but it sure feels like it here in Michigan. The crisp, fresh feel of the air is here. That means apple time! Apples are a favorite fruit around here. My kids devour them. A favorite topping for apples? Peanut butter. On the Trim Healthy Mama  plan, sadly peanut butter…

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