Dairy free scalloped potatoes


As winter came rolling in this FALL (I’m a bit disgruntled, I’ll be honest), I started menu planning around using my oven. It just screams cozy and my boys love to come peek in the oven to see what is baking. Scalloped potatoes are a favorite with my family. Potatoes are economical and at times,…

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Nourishing Chicken Lo Mein (gluten/dairy/egg/msg free)


Chinese take out is an indulgence that doesn’t happen for my family often. Mostly because we live in a small town with no take out option. That is probably a good thing because Chinese food is not the cleanest option for take out food. It is often loaded with MSG, sadly. However, my kids LOVE lo…

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Nourishing enchilada sauce


It’s getting to be germ season and I’m all about keeping us healthy. That means our food needs to count. We are building healthy guts here and an easy way to help do that is by using bone broth. I add it to soups, stews, gravy and sauces. (When we are sick, we drink it…

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Trim Healthy Mama “S” meals (gluten/dairy/egg free)

A collection of more than 20 Trim Healthy Mama recipes that are gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free!

Last month I set out to make a list of allergy friendly E meals recipes that are gluten, dairy and egg free for all of the mama’s out there trying to do the Trim Healthy Mama plan with allergies. You guys have given me such love that I decided to follow through and work up…

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