Sugar free chocolate peanut butter milkshake

The dreary days of winter are behind us and my mind is on spring and summer! I am longing for fresh produce and lighter foods.

It’s the time of year where I start having more smoothies and shakes for breakfast or a snack. I rediscovered my love of the Fat Strippin’ Frappe in the Trim Healthy Mama book and have been playing with variations of it. (If you haven’t tried it yet…do it!)

Sugar free chocolate peanut butter milkshake


I am very much in favor that you don’t need special ingredients to do Trim Healthy Mama, but if you have room in your budget to spare, it’s fun to pick up (affiliate links) gluccamannan (this will last you forever!)  and whey powder.  I am loving the THM protein powder, it is to date, the most favorite one I have used.

If you are looking for fun drinking jars, you can find these ones (affiliate link) here. Also? Stainless steel straws are amazing for shakes and smoothies. We like this brand.

(Below you will find affiliate links. While they are not extra cost to you, if you do purchase I make a small profit. This helps keep the content on the blog free.)

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Sugar free chocolate peanut butter milkshake
  1. Add everything but the ice and protein powder in blender and blend for a minute or two on high.
  2. Add the ice and blend until smooth
  3. Add your protein powder until everything is whipped and smooth

This is easy peasy shake is an S.  My kids love it too. But, you really can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate, right?

Also, make sure you check your labels. The links in the recipe card above are for products I know have clean ingredients.

Sugar free chocolate peanut butter milkshake

If you are on Pinterest, I pin all my Trim Healthy Mama recipes here. Or if you just like gluten free desserts, this board is full of them.

Do you have a favorite smoothie flavor combination? 


*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. Mary Fox says

    Where did you find the “milk jar” featured in your Sugarless peanut butter milkshake. I clicked on the link and all I saw were the “regular” mason drinking jars but none like the glass milk bottle featured in your photo. Please help! I love that jar! Thanks

    • says

      Hi Mary. I picked that up at a local store here. (It mainly use it for pictures though to be honest!) I saw a few online but they were tiny!

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