Strawberry granola

(I am so excited to share with you this recipe from my friend Marjorie from This is so good! Her blog is FULL of great grain and gluten recipes that are perfect for those of us that are dealing with food restrictions. If you love salmon, you need to check out this awesome recipe for her lemon baked version. We also love her strawberry basil popsicles…these are dairy free and THM friendly. So, enjoy this wonderful strawberry granola to get out of the breakfast rut!)

Going gluten-free can make for boring breakfasts. Many people seem to fall into the eggs and bacon rut every morning. Don’t get me wrong, eggs and bacon are delicious and full of good for you fats, but day in and day out even bacon can get a little old.This strawberry granola is not only delicious but it is gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, paleo, SCD-legal, & THM. You will love this for an easy breakfast.

That’s where my other favorite breakfast comes in – homemade granola. The version I’m sharing with you today is made with fresh strawberries and is quite easy to prepare. If you are in the eggs and bacon rut, think about giving this Strawberry Granola a try!

There are many reasons why I choose to take the time to make granola rather than buy it. First of all, I am strictly gluten-free and find it hard to purchase store bought granolas that contain high quality ingredients and are also gluten-free.

That brings me to my next point – quality ingredients. When you make your own granola, you can be sure to include the highest quality foods you can afford. I choose organic whenever possible, especially when it comes to berries.

This strawberry granola is not only delicious but it is gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, paleo, SCD-legal, & THM. You will love this for an easy breakfast.

You will see that this granola is made with soaked nuts and seeds. If you are not familiar with soaking your nuts before consuming them, please check out this post for more information. I find that soaking nuts makes them easier to digest and gives them a better taste.

Finally, making your own granola will save you money! Yay! Even when you use high quality, organic ingredients. I generally get 5-6 quart size mason jars full of granola from each batch that I make. It keeps for several months in your pantry, makes a great snack, is kid-friendly, packs up easily, and travels well.

Granola can be made in either a dehydrator or an oven. I have (affiliate link) this dehydrator and I love it. You can add up to 20 trays for batch cooking and it cleans up nicely. If you make this in your oven, just be sure to check on it frequently.

This strawberry granola is not only delicious but it is gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, paleo, SCD-legal, & THM. You will love this for an easy breakfast.

My strawberry granola recipe is gluten-free, grain-free, Vegan, Paleo, SCD-legal, and THM. Although there are a lot of berries used in this recipe, a small serving will fill you up, so I consider this a low sugar food.

I generally do not use sweeteners with desserts that I make from fruit and I do not use stevia in my cooking. If you do and would like to sweeten this up a bit, feel free! I think this granola is absolutely delicious severed with some homemade almond milk!

(This part of the post contains affiliate links. While it is not extra cost to you, if you do happen to purchase from the links, I make a small profit. This helps keep the content of the blog free.)

Strawberry granola

  1. Place the almonds, pecans, walnuts, and sunflower seeds in a large bowl with 1 Tablespoon of sea salt and add enough water to cover the nuts and seeds by at least an inch. Stir to dissolve the salt. Cover and place in a corner of your kitchen for 12 hours.
  2. Drain and rinse the nuts and seeds and place in a large bowl. Add in the rest of the ingredients (shredded coconut through strawberries) and mix until well combined.
  3. Spread the granola onto dehydrator screens or onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper.
  4. If you are using a dehydrator, set it to 105 degrees for 12-16 hours or until crisp. If you are using an oven, set the temperature to the lowest setting and place the baking sheets in the oven. Check every couple of hours to see if the granola is crisp and remove it when it is done to your liking.
  5. Store in airtight glass containers.

(Note from Jessica: If you are doing the Trim Healthy Mama plan this is an S. I like to keep the serving to 1/2 cup when I have it with greek yogurt but will often have a full cup with almond milk.)

If you are looking for more Trim Healthy Mama recipe ideas, this is a great Pinterest board to follow.

These are also my top 7 trim healthy mama staples that help me stick to plan!



TISGprofile2Marjorie is a real food blogger and a self-taught home cook with a passion for whole foods, health, and fitness.  She works as an orthopedic physical therapist in Southeast Michigan.  Her hobbies include skiing, yoga, crafting, and playing around in the kitchen.  She hopes to share what she has learned through her real life experience and research with her readers.  You can find Marjorie sharing delicious recipes and health information on her site, This is so good…, or connect with her on FacebookPinterest, or Instagram.


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  1. says

    I keep thinking I’ll try it, but I have never tried making my own granola.
    I guess I got out of the habit of eating cereals and the like, but I do have to admit that I occasionally crave something like this.
    Interesting enough, my son doesn’t like fresh strawberries, but he loved them dried, so I bet he would love to try this.

  2. says

    This sounds so totally delicious! I love strabberries, almonds, walnuts and many other ingredients. It’s however quite hard for me to make this.

  3. says

    Some in my family do not like coconut. Could I increase the amount of nuts and remove the coconut? I think I may try it! Thanks for the recipe!

    • says

      Hi Kim,
      You could leave out the coconut, but I would add more almond flour to help bind it in place of the finely shredded coconut and then chopped nuts to replace the coconut flakes.

  4. Julie says

    Since I love things sweet, would it be OK adding some THM pure stevia to the recipe?
    Also, how thick and onto how many screens do you put the mixture in youe dehydrator?

    • says

      Yes, I think that would be totally fine, just mix it in well. I don’t put it on too thick, I don’t like lot to over lap or it will take to long to dry.


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