Rescue Remedy: A Hero in Disguise

Bach’s Rescue Remedy is another must have in our household. I started using it when I had some anxiety as one of my hashimoto’s symptoms. (This was before I knew I had hashimoto’s) I truly thought I was going crazy one night when I was laying in bed and just started feeling panicky and then it just escalated.

At the time, I started researching natural things to help ease the panic attacks I was having. I knew it wasn’t the root problem but I did need to find something that would help manage the symptoms.

The first herb I went to was valerian. Valerian is a common herb used to aid in relaxation. This is also easy to find at a health food store. I decided I would try the loose herb and make tea to drink at night. The first thing I had to get over was the wet dog smell so I added a liberal amount of raw honey and chugged it down. After a few nights of taking valerian I realized that it was not helping me relax but my making my hyper. Yup, not the herb for me. (And as I’m learning, herbs are not a one size fits all deal.)

Next I tried the old stand by Chamomile. While chamomile tea tasted MUCH better, it didn’t really help the anxiety.

Epsom salts baths with dried lavender flowers and lavender essential oil were the most helpful. I love bathes but they are not the most convenient solution when you have two Jedi Masters in the making running around your house.

So, back to the drawing board. I started looking at homeopathic remedies and got overwhelmed. I finally bit the bullet and called my wonderful midwife to ask for her suggestions. The first thing she asked was if I had tried Rescue Remedy. I had heard of it but had not tried it. She said from what I described, this might be a good fit.

Off to the health food store to pick up Rescue Remedy and the flower essence Rock Rose, which my midwife also suggested.

I had a chance to try it out that night as I was struck with a panic attack. And would you believe it, it worked! After a few sprays, I was able to settle down and relax. AMAZING!

Rescue Remedy is a combination of five flower essences, recommended for sudden, stressful situations. This worked well for me because of the anxiety coming out of no where.

Rock Rose

Rock Rose has also proved to be a staple at my house. When my thyroid is in a more hyper state I try to take Rock Rose  a few times a day just to keep the anxiety at bay. It has worked quite well.

I was so happy to have an easy solution to aid me during some rougher moments. Now that my hashimoto’s is more in check, I don’t use Rescue Remedy for myself much anymore. But, my kids give me plenty of chances to use it. It works really well with injuries. I have one Jedi that doesn’t take battle wounds well, three little sprays of the Rescue Remedy and he is as calm as a kitten. Yup, even the time he fell and bit threw his lip, within a minute after giving him Rescue Remedy, he had stopped crying!

I usually use the spray because I find it convenient and my kids do well with sprays. I tried the pastilles and didn’t like them as much. They also offer a cream which I’ve been wanting try, especially now that summer is approaching and my super heroes are adventurous.

I was truly awed that something so easy would have such an impact on anxiety. I know Rescue Remedy is not the solution for everyone but I am thankful to have found it.




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