Real Salt and Seasonings Review

I am a salt snob! For sure. I can no longer use regular table salt. In fact, going out to eat usually makes for a miserable evening for me as I wake up thirsty all night. So do my kids. There is just way too much salt, that isn’t good for you.

That’s one of the reasons I cringe when I see a recipe call for garlic salt or an all purpose seasoning salt. Those items have long since been kicked out my kitchen cabinet as I cannot stomach the nasty salt that has been stripped of it’s naturally occurring minerals.

But, I’m not anti salt. We chose to use sea salt that is unrefined My family has been using Redmond Real Salt for years now and I can’t imagine using anything else.

Redmond Real SaltRedmond’s salt is not stripped of it’s minerals that your body desperately needs and does not contain anti caking agents. You can read more about where RealSalt comes from, here.

Despite being in love with Real Salt, I never thought to try their seasoning salts as I was so used to just using plain spices and adding salt to them.

Redmond generously sent me this wonderful package that included organic garlic salt, organic onion salt, organic seasoning salt and some of their regular salt.


I was excited to give them a try and guess what? I am in love! Yes, I am! The garlic and onion salts were some of the freshest I have ever tasted. We used them on veggies, beef, pork and chicken and I wasn’t disappointed a single time.

The garlic and onion salts go perfectly with roasted or fried veggies. I was able to get a great flavor with out it being too salty. Most experiences I have had with flavored salts were a salty mess with out the flavor. These seasonings were a refreshing treat. (I think our favorite veggie was fried green beans with the garlic salt!)

But, by far, the organic seasoning salt was my favorite. It made for the best seasonings on baked chicken and baked pork chops. So much so that we when we happened to have baked pork chops two nights in a row, one night with the Redmond Seasonings and one night without, my kids complained the night I didn’t use Redmonds!

This is has become a permanent fixture in my spice cabinet.

Congratulations Melissa Beene Taylor! And thanks to everyone that entered!

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*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. rachel v. says

    we use their salt but have never tried their seasoned salts…would love to win so i could try them πŸ˜‰

  2. Tammy says

    I have also used Redmonds for a decade at least, but have not tried their seasoning blends. Now I want to. Thanks for the review.

  3. Rachel says

    I’ve been using their real salt for years, and recently tried some of their clay products as well (LOVE earth paste!!) I backed out of buying the seasoning salts b/c I wasn’t sure about them and needed to reduce my basket price. I’d really love to win this one!!!

  4. Stephanie T. says

    I LOVE Redmond RealSalt! It’s what I use in my kitchen and what is on my table. I’ve never tried the flavors and would love to! What a great giveaway!

  5. Karen F. says

    I just bought some a small bag of Real Salt in bulk at the Amish store. But I would love to try some of the seasoned options.

  6. heather e says

    I use the realsalt, but have never tried any of the seasonings. I am always looking for msg free seasonings though!

    • Jessica says

      Iodine is one of the those tricky things….you need just the right amount. I personally try to have fish once a week to get our iodine in.

  7. Julie says

    I love Redmonds! I haven’t tried their seasonings though! Trying to find a replacement for the Creole seasoning I use all the time.

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