Radishes…the new potato!

Potatoes! We eat a lot of them around here. Not only are they good for you but they are pretty cheap.  While I still serve them to my family, I avoid them because they are in the night shade family. Night shades should be avoided while doing the autoimmune protocol. Potatoes are off plan for Trim Healthy Mama plan because they are full of starch.

Radishes....the new potato

In the winter, we have roasts in the oven frequently. They are great to help heat up the house and the leftovers are perfect for soups and stews. A good way to stretch out meat.

I do have to say I miss potatoes. I read on the Trim Healthy Mama boards that radishes make a good potato substitute. Really? That just sounded wrong.

But, while looking over the weekly sale flyers I saw radishes were on sale…and I decided to try it.

And for real, I threw a handful in with our pork roast and they really were just like potatoes!


Radishes...the new potato!

I plan on playing with them a bit in recipes but they were great after being simmered with the roast for a few hours. I just cleaned them, trimmed the edges and in they went!

*I’ve gotten a few questions since posting, so I’ll add a bit. The radishes lose their spicy flavor when cooked. They had a nice texture as well. Perfect with a sprinkle of salt and pepper after being simmered with the roast.


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*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. Patty says

    I also have used daikon radishes to make great scalloped “potatoes”, au gratin “potatoes” and “hash browns’ for my THM meals. They are larger and easier to slice and grate than the red radishes. And you really cannot tell the difference in texture or taste from potatoes. I just slice or grate them and soak them in ice water for a few minutes; then steam them for a few minutes to soften and then drain and dry them as much as possible (I roll them in a tea towel). Then I use them as you would potatoes in a lot of recipes. The red radishes taste the best in crock pot meals and soups and stews since they mimic the shape and size of red potatoes. Both are terrific and a great substitute for potatoes!

    • Jessica says

      Good to know! I’ll have to give them a try. We had them fried up with breakfast the other day and they were soooo good!

    • Jessica says

      They lose their color with cooking. It’s quite neat. I boiled some to make fried ‘potatoes’ with and the water was pink tinted.

  2. Annemiek says

    Patty, why are you steaming the daikon radishes first, before using them as potatoes? Or are you talkling of dishes where normally the potatoes would have been boiled already? Great post and ideas, I’m on the AIP as well and it is great to have some more tricks up our sleeve!

  3. Teresa says

    Congrats….on finding something new again. These methods have been used for so long. Radishes are delicious . Try braised celery. Simple foods taste great and are economical. Yum!!

  4. says

    That is so funny ~ I was just thinking of writing a post with the same title! :-) I am loving radishes these days! I think they are a little more ‘watery’ textured and tasting than a potato, but they make a much better substitute than cauliflower, in my opinion. The other day, I cooked some in my pressure cooker with carrots (for the other peoples 😉 and my goodness, those radishes were scrumptious with some butter and salt!


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