Mineral balancing tea blend

Some days it’s tough to get all the supplement and vitamins we need into our bodies.  A mineral balancing tea blend is a quick and easy fix for those days. 

I know some days life gets busy and our diet is not stellar. I’ve been there way too often. These are the days I then need and extra boost through supplements.

Some days it's tough to get all the supplement and vitamins we need into our bodies.  A mineral rich tea blend is a quick and easy fix for those days.

Since working on mineral balancing through my Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis, (I have a post coming soon, I promise!) I have made an effort to use food and herbs to help get my system in balance. Mineral depletion and imbalances are at the root of many diseases.

Herbs are a great source of vitamins and minerals because they are easily assimilated in the body compared to synthetic vitamins. Making up a mix of herbs gives me something easy to reach for on busy days, or days my body just needs a boost!

This is my favorite blend of herbs but don’t limit yourself! This blend is full of vitamins and minerals but other properties as well because herbs are quite amazing. There are so many choices when it comes to vitamin and mineral rich herbs so use this blend as a base and add your favorites!

What’s in these herbs?

  • Nettles-Vitamins A, B complex and C, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc
  • Hibiscus– Vitamins A, C and iron
  • Raspberry Leaves– Vitamins C, E and A, iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus
  • Alfalfa-Vitamins A and K, chlorophyll, amino acids

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Mineral rich tea blend
  • 2 parts nettle
  • 1 part hibiscus
  • 1 past red raspberry leaf
  • 1 part alfalfa
  1. Mix herbs together and pour boiling water of it.
  2. Steep for 10 minutes
  3. Strain and enjoy

Hot tea is easy to do but I often use this blend for an infusion. I put them in a jar over night covered with water and strain in the morning. That way I have a quart of tea ready for when I need it. I also find my kids enjoy cold infusions better than hot tea. (With a nice spoon full of raw honey!) It’s convenient to have it already made and ready to go on those days when life gets crazy busy.

This makes a great addition to our vitamin routine and I know area nourishing our bodies each day.

Some days it's tough to get all the supplement and vitamins we need into our bodies. A mineral rich tea blend is a quick and easy fix for those days.

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  1. says

    This tea sounds nice. And to make a whole batch for those days when life just doesn’t slow down is a great idea. Thank for sharing the recipe with us!

  2. says

    I love nettles and raspberry together, I’ve never tried the others, though. Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Savoring Saturdays, Jessica! :)

  3. Laurie says

    I have been drinking this for many years minus the red hisbiscus. I do have it on hand though so I will try that. I do let mine steep from 4 hours to overnight.

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