Listening to your body

Yeah, it’s really not fun. It’s all about attitude though, you know?

SimplyHealthyHomeI have been feeling great lately. So, so thankful to have things under control.

I am having a bit of a hashi’s flare though. I had a busy and a bit stressful two weeks. Lack of sleep, lots to do and I could feel myself kind of crashing.

I think it is really important for someone with hashi’s to be aware of their body, well, actually, I think everyone should be aware of how their body works. For someone with hashi’s or an autoimmune disorder, you need to know what a swing in your thyroid feels like so you know how to help your body.

I could tell I was having a few digestion issues to start with. (But, they were so MILD compared to normal, I know I’m healing!!)  I made sure I stuck with my Trim Healthy Mama plan as it really has helped me so much.

I could feel my hands swelling a bit in the morning so I made sure I had plenty of water throughout the day and drank quite a bit of Good Girl Moon Shine. I also made sure I had protein at every meal or snack as that seems to greatly reduce any water retention I have.

I could also feel I was in need of some extra magnesium. For a awhile I needed a TON of magnesium to help keep the leg cramps away. Since working on healing my gut, the need has decreased with regular diet and some supplementing. I could feel I was on edge so I made sure to take bathes with magnesium oil each night as that is the best way for me to absorb it.

(If you have an autoimmune disorder, you most likely also have difficulty with mineral absorption, it’s typical with people with compromised gut flora. A good way to help that is to use magnesium topically.)

I added cell salts to my routine to help my body better use it’s minerals and vitamins.

The biggie, I made sure I laid down during the day. Even if I didn’t sleep, I made sure to rest a few times throughout the day. Snuggle time with books and my boys. It really is a fun for all of us.

I was able to pay attention to my body, I really didn’t crash, just a minor detour in our normal plan. I was able to enjoy a great holiday weekend with my family.



*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*

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