It feels good to feel good

Ah, yes! I FEEL GOOD! Woohoo! I know, that doesn’t sound so earth shattering, but really, when you have a thyroid disease and adrenal issues feeling good does not come easily nor should it be taken for granted.

I will also mention that I’m not quick to just say something is working as I know my thyroid issues cycle between hyper and hypo. But, I have to say, since starting Trim Healthy Mama, I feel really good.

It’s been almost eight weeks and not only have I lost 22 pounds and quite a few inches, but I’ve made some huge leaps in my overall health.

Honestly, I think one of the best things was being able to kick my sugar habit. I will not go back either, this feels too good!

I’ve also been able to cut back to my most basic supplements. I’m not constantly looking for something to help get me through the day.

Another HUGE thing that has contributed to feeling good is the start of summer. Just being outside feels wonderful. I love sitting outside listening to my boys play. (Or argue, I may just ignore that) We’ve been able to get a two mile walk in most days. Don’t every underestimate how powerful fresh air really is to your health.

The boys and I also got to enjoy picking strawberries this week. One of our favorite summer things to do. That means we also get to enjoy eating strawberries as well. Nothing says good berry like a drippy chin like that!


So, really, this is just a rambling post but since it’s my blog, I’m allowed. :) Silly, a bit, but honestly, I feel like I’m a part of the human race again. I’m not just plodding along and maintaining, I feel like I’m thriving again. And it’s welcomed here.


*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


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