Home Remedies for Stuffy Noses


Sigh. I hate stuffy, running noses. I especially hate when my little people get them. It breaks my heart when they are so clogged up and can’t breath.

Plus, it seems to take forever to get them to learn how to blow their noses properly so sometimes it just makes that cold linger! No.fun!

Home remedies for stuffy noses are effective  to help get over the colds  faster. Stock up on your supplies to be ready to kick your cold to the curb!


Over the years, as I’ve researched herbs and oils and everything else I could read, I have found some good ways to help alleviate some of the yuckiness of having a stuffy/runny nose.

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Home Remedies for Stuffy Noses!

1.) Cleaning with saline. 

While this is not always fun, let me tell you, for those littles that can’t blow, this can be so helpful. My kids will tell you they do not like but they will ask me to clean their noses, especially before bed, as they know how much better they breath.

There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get this right, it is so nose to be able to get some of the goop out. (And bonus, kids love to look at their own snot! <gag>)

A word of caution, if your child has an earache, do not use the saline cleaner. Also, don’t force the water, if the water isn’t moving freely, then it i sn’t the right time to use it.

2.) Essential Oils. 

Essential oils diffused around the house can help make breathing easier. For stuffy noses, I personally like the combination of lavender and eucalyptus oils. I find they work well together. I have many a nights where I feel like I’m getting sick and diffuse this combination and wake up fine.

If you don’t have a diffuser, a dry wash rag with a few drops of oil on it by the child’s bed will work wonders.

You can also dilute the oils and rub on the kids feet, chest and under their nose…but make sure you dilute!!

Another good way to have oils work their magic is a good steam shower or bath. Get it nice and steamy and put some oils in the shower with them or a few drops in the bath tub. (I recommend lavender for the bath as eucalyptus can burn the skin a bit…don’t ask me how I know that one. )

3.) Hylands cold and cough.

I like to make my own remedies for the most part, but as far as a commercial item to have around, I love this one. I have had very few nights where this formula hasn’t helped my stuff kids still get a full night’s sleep. Sleep is important while we are sick. It’s our time for the body to repair.

I have also used the day time formula and the plain cough one with much success. I linked it from Amazon above, but you  can now find Hylands in a lot of major stores, including wal-mart and Meijer.

4.) General Cold Care!

This means rest, keeping them hydrated with herbal teas and water, epsom salts baths and good bone broth! Those are my general staples for anytime some one is ill.

Home remedies for stuffy noses are effective  to help get over the colds  faster. Stock up on your supplies to be ready to kick your cold to the curb!

Some of my favorite herbs are elderberry, mint and ginger to help fight the bugs and help the body eliminate those germs.

While colds are not fun, especially icky noses, having the tools on hand can make it less miserable for everyone involved.

This is the first of my series of home remedies. Looking for more remedies? Check out this Pinterest board.

What are some of your favorite tips for dealing with stuffy noses? 


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*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. Amy says

    Thanks for this. I’d love to see something similar about chest congestion…my boy struggles with that a lot, and though I use all kinds of natural remedies to help manage it, I’m always looking for new ideas and tips!

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