Home Remedies for Acne

Ahhh…nothing like feeling a mole hill erupt on your face to make you feel more youthful? Nope! I used to think that acne was for teens and figured I’d be free and  clear as an adult. Oy, was I wrong!

The truth, teens are prone to acne for a few reasons but one of the main culprits is all of those surging hormones…and a backed up liver. We filter out excess hormones with our livers and when they are clogged, lots of things can happen. One of the unsightly is acne.

Home Remedies from Simply Healthy Home: Acne

As promised when I asked about what home remedies you’d like to hear about, here are my favorite home remedies for acne.

(Below you will find a few recommendations of products I like, they are through my affiliate links. While there is not extra cost for you to use them, if you happen to purchase something, then I receive a small percentage of the sale) 

1.) Bentonite clay. 

Bentonite clay is amazing for so many thing, one of them being acne. Not only are clay masks great for cleaning your skin, they also help with those big, red blemishes that you want to go away fast. Apply a generous amount of hydrated clay and it will help reduce the size of the blemish. A great brand to look at is Redmond. The clay works by pulling the toxins out of the skin.

2.) Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is my favorite for working with pimples. Tea tree oil will often help reduce the pain of acne when things gets a little out of hand. Apply a bit directly to the blemish. (I normally recommend diluting oils but tea tree oil is one I use undiluted for acne)

Want a double whammy? Mix the tea tree oil in your clay and apply. This is soothing and will yield some great results in deducing the size of your blemish.

3.) Herbs to support your Liver! 

If you are suffering from chronic acne (or have a few that always pop up with your cycle, ladies), you need to work on getting that liver cleared up. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, but I strongly recommend looking into herbal bitters.

Urban Moonshine has a great variety of bitters. Bitters should be used at meal times to help your body to digest your food, as well as helping to clear the liver. For a more in depth look at bitters, I love this post by herbalist Jim McDonald.

Milk thistle is another one of my favorites for a gentle liver cleansing. You can find a lot of hard core liver cleanses out there but that would be another really long post.

Adding lemon to your drinking water can also help flush some of those hormones.

4.) Move your lymph system. 

I’ve talked about it before but it is SUPER important to keep your lymph system flowing. Back up causes grief for all of your systems.

You can read my post here on a few easy way to move lymph, you can incorporate these into your daily routine I promise.

The Redmond company not only offers fabulous products but are super generous and offering you a chance to win some clay products! To enter, click, here!

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And, I’m always up for leaning new things, tell me what are your tried and true home remedies for dealing with acne? 


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