Herbal uses for violets

When I was a little girl I used to love to pick flowers. I loved bring in bouquets, picking their petals and even pretend cooking make a flour ‘soup’ in my mom’s bird fountain. (I bet she loved that!)

As an adult, I still love to have a vase full of blooms on my kitchen tables but I have come to realize that most flowers are more than just pretty blossoms. Most of them have great medicinal properties, including spring violets. 

Herbal uses for violets


Violets come in a few different forms and colors but those sweet, little purple blossoms are full of herbal goodness for you.

Both the leaves and blossoms are worth harvesting and using in your herbal arsenal. 

At times you will find violets used as a garnish on a spring salad but in the right season violet leaves make a sweet addition to the greens of your salad.

Violets also make a great addition to your cold herbal infusions to add extra minerals.

I have come to appreciate violets as I am a dryer constitution and some herbs that are normally awesome for you, just dry me out, like nettles. Adding violets to a mix with nettles help counter act the drying properties for me.

Do you tend to have dry and sore sinus cavities or dry mouth during illness? Violets contain mucilage so it helps relief some of that dryness. It can also aid in relieving sore throats. 

Herbal uses for violets


Violets can be tinctured. I plan on making some this season when these little flowers pop up.

I have read that violet tincture and or tea also work well for lymph congestion, from swollen tonsils to mastitis.

Violets also  can have a calming effect so add violets to a nightly tea or during stressful times might help soothe the mind and body. 

I love reading about herbs, especially ones that don’t typically came to mind when thinking about remedies. Challenge yourself this spring and summer to find local plants, weeds and herbs and learn how you can use them! 

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Want to learn a bit more about violets and specific ways to use them, these are great sources:

Next time your little one hands you a sweet bouquet of violet flowers, you will now know just how power packed those flowers are.

What are some of your favorite spring herbs to harvest? 

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*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


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    What a great tip – I had no idea violets were helpful for dry sinuses! These are such great tips and a great tool to add to my health arsenal.


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