Health and Wellness

Thyroid/Hashimoto’s/Autoimmune Conditions:

Autoimmune Protocol 
Supplements to help with Hashimoto’s symptoms
Listening to your body
Everything you read on the internet isn’t always true
Genetic Mutations
How to deal with detox
How to be your own thyroid advocate
Book Review: Finding the Root Cause
What’s wrong with you again?
It feels good to feel good again
Attitude: A part of healing
Functional Medicine
Getting Closer
What taking care of your family includes taking care of you
The ever evolving vitamin routine
Supplementing D3 for autoimmune disorders
Charting Temperatures: Adrenal crash and Hashimoto’s
Supporting your thyroid during the holidays
Inflammation and Infertility: Using systemic enzymes
Why thyroid medications may just be a bandaid
MTHFR: A puzzle piece for Hashimoto’s
The decision of trying to conceive during chronic illness
Why I stopped eating eggs
Getting through the holidays with food allergies

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Natural Products: 
Real Salt Review
What’s in your tooth paste?
Hylands Cold and Cough
Rescue Remedy

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Bible verses of comfort
Herbal support during a miscarriage
Mother’s Day after a miscarriage
Adding another heart
It’s the little things