Gluten/dairy/egg free Trim Healthy Mama “E” Meals

As any of you following my blog over the past year or so knows that I have struggled with finding the ‘right diet plan’. GAPS, autoimmune protocol, gluten free, grain free, and the list goes on….

A collection of gluten, dairy, egg free "E" meals for the Trim Healthy Mama plan! Perfect for those with food allergies looking for meals.

I want to find the plan that fits with my family, with my sensitive digestive system trying to heal from Hashimoto’s and being bluntly honest, help me lose weight. So far the best plan for me has been Trim Healthy Mama.

I will also continue to be completely honest with ya’ll, I have struggled with even THM because of dietary restrictions. For the time being I need to be gluten, dairy, egg and almond free. (That is a TALL order, let me tell ya!)

However, I am determined to make this plan work for me because I know that is crucial in keeping blood sugar levels balanced to help heal my Hashi’s. THM has proven over and over again that is works to do just that.

I have found a few more ‘indulgent’ items that are helping to round my meals here and there. (affiliate links)

These paleo wraps are nice to have as as stash when I really don’t want to use lettuce for a wrap. The have 5 grams of fat so that are it on your fat content for E meals.

This black bean pasta has been great when I get tired of zoodles!

And quinoa! Phew, I don’t know what I’d without quinoa these days.

And I know after talking to some mamas, E meals just seem harder to get under your belt. Well, I have good news for you! I have gathered some gluten/dairy/egg free  Trim Healthy Mama”E” meals and they are linked all in this post for you!

A collection of gluten/dairy/egg free Trim Healthy Mama "E" meals. Perfect for the mama with food allergies

A collection of recipes that are Gluten/dairy/egg free Trim Healthy Mama “E” Meals.

Chicken and white bean spinach soup from Counting All Joy
Lentil Stuffed Spaghetti Squash from Savvy Homemaking
French Toast Porridge from Counting All Joy
Turkey Confetti Salad from See the Blue Sky
Chicken Tortilla Soup from Blue Jeans and Cotton Tees
Black Bean Dump Soup from Counting All Joy
Stuffed Cabbage the Easy way from Simply Healthy Home
The Lighter Side of Chili from See the Blue Sky
Cherry Quinoa Porridge from Counting All Joy
“Spanish Rice” Quinoa from Simply Healthy Home
Black Bean Mexican Stew from Counting All Joy
Fish with Quinoa from See the Blue Sky
High Protein Mediterranean Salad from Counting All Joy
Dairy Free Creamy Chicken Soup from Simply Healthy Home
Cinnamon Apple Berry Crunch from Counting All Joy
Tropical Fruit Salad from Counting All Joy
Lentil Kale Stew from New Every Morning
Chicken Basil Stir Fry from Counting All Joy
Sweet and Sour Chicken from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen
Easy Tuscany Tomato Soup from Counting All Joy
Summertime Black Bean Chicken Salad from Working at Homeschool
Nourishing Root Vegetable Soup from Counting All Joy
Roasted Sweet Potatoes from New Every Morning
Chicken Apple Sausage with cabbage noodles from Counting All Joy
Easy Crockpot white bean chicken soup from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen
Mama’s Three Bean Chicken Chili from Counting All Joy

I hope you all enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoyed putting this post together.

Do you do Pinterest? Come follow my Trim Healthy Mama board!

Tell me, would you like a collection of allergy friendly fuel pull recipes? 

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  1. Mardelle Carter says

    Thank you. It is hard enough for me to cook without having to change every recipe since I just plain am allergic to so many things including those listed. Look forward to trying these.

  2. says

    Thanks for linking the lentil squash recipe! I also am trying to work THM into my life for whatever it is that my body needs. I am starting to realize I really need to tune into what MY body wants, vs. what everyone else seems to do well with! I have been a prego/nursing mom for over 9 years, so it would appear my needs are slightly different =0) Now I have my baby getting close to 1 year old, so it’s time to really dig into this and lose the rest of my stubborn pounds. Maintaining has been a cinch, but losing…whole other game! I’m so glad for you that you have a solution with your Hashimoto’s. I pray it all goes beautifully for you =0) Blessings!

  3. Wendi says

    thank you for posting this. I’ve become discouraged while trying THM. I started THM in February. I’m gluten and dairy free and most of the meals have dairy in them. I’m excited to try some of these recipes.

  4. Melissa says

    Thank you SO much for compiling this list! I am dairy-free on THM and often become discouraged just trying to finding a recipe that doesn’t have dairy. Many blessings on your journey!!

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