Getting to the Root Cause: Functional Medicine

Finding a practitioner that fits your needs can be a difficult thing. There are many things to factor in…insurance, distance, specialists, the list goes on.

For me, it has been a struggle to find a doctor that would listen to me and allow me to be a part of my healing process….as well as be accepted by my insurance carrier.

Getting to the Root Cause: Functional Medicine

I have been through a few doctors and have really felt on my own from a medical stand point with my Hashimoto’s. Locally, I have not been able to find a good endocrinologist.

And by good, meaning one that isn’t just going to medicate me and suppress my symptoms. 

In Dr. Went’z thyroid book, she recommends looking at a functional medicine doctor. What makes a functional medicine doctor different? Well, they look at finding the root cause of your issues instead of just trying to fit your symptoms.

You can type in your zip code and state on this site to see if there is a doctor in your area. Another option is to call a compounding pharmacy in your area and ask them. They tend to have a good feel for doctors that use more natural means like bio identical hormone therapy and supplements.

I had my first appointment this week with my new doctor and let me tell you, I was beyond thrilled. Not so much at the amount of blood I needed to give but the fact that he listened to me!

He not only listened but nodded his head and agreed with me!

He talked about my symptoms, he wanted to look at my finger nail bed and at my tongue. As crazy as it sounds to some, I know that means he is looking at the body as a whole to get the big picture of my health.

The doctor had a list of labs that he suggested, to get the root cause of my symptoms. I didn’t have to argue over anything. When I asked about getting my B12 and folate levels tested for a base line, he has already had it marked down as part of his basic thyroid evaluation.

And….he even recommended supplements! Yes, not medication but supplements. (I was taking all of them already) He was excited that I was in tune with my body and disease.

I wanted to dance a jig when my appointment was done because I know I am going to get this disease figured out. It was amazing to have a doctor listen to me and not look at me like I am crazy for saying my symptoms were related to the Hashimoto’s!

I even got some of my labs back before my follow up appointment. My TPO is lower! And, all of my thyroid numbers are not only in range, but pretty optimal! Yahoo!!!

Have you worked with a functional medicine doctor? How has it helped you in healing? 


*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


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    Very happy for you that you’ve found a good functional medicine doctor! I don’t know where to go in South Africa! Especially in our little rural town. I so wish I could work with someone overseas.

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