Freezing Green Peppers

Summer is a time for great produce. It makes me sad to think about winter time and having to buy fresh veggies and fruits at the grocery. I really feel local produce is best but that is difficult to accomplish year round in Michigan.

I make it a point to put up as much as I can in the summer. My family spends a lot of time canning, freezing and dehydrating.

I know some people think it is a lot of work but it is worth the effort. Not only do I have fruit and veggies during the winter, that I know where they came from, but I can find great prices!

freezing peppers

My family loves peppers, but ouch! Grocery store prices for them are insane. That’s why I love to freeze them!  It’s so easy too!

First, wash your peppers!

Then find some helpers.

I cut the peppers open and helper number one took the seeds out.

This one here is a good helper. He will stick with you until the job is done.

For dicing veggies I like to use this gadget so all the pieces are the same size. (Affiliate Code)

You can recruit another helper for this job. I find super heroes work well as they can use their super strength to work the above mentioned gadget.

This is an extra special super hero. I’m not even sure what his name is but he had all of his bases covered with this get up.

I like to put about 2 cups of diced peppers in each bag. It’s the perfect amount for the dishes we use them for.

Label your bags! Really, do it. I don’t like mystery surprises in my freezer.

Then just make sure you get all the air out of the bag before you seal it. That’s it! It’s freezer ready. I got a great deal on these peppers….I had eight 2 cup bags of peppers for a grand total of $3.00!

When you shop local at farm stands and markets, farmers will usually work with you. I typically buy ‘seconds’ which means they can be a little old or a little damaged. I don’t mind the bit of extra work it takes to clean them up because it usually means a great savings for me.

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  1. Laura says

    Good idea! I would probably make half of them with diced onions cut up also, because most of the time, if I am using one, I am adding the other also.
    The super strong Super Hero helping out is a bonus, also! 😉

  2. says

    Another way I freeze them is to lay them out on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Once they are frozen I put them in a large container in the freezer. This was I can just take out what I need and they are not all froze together.


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