Five Reasons why baths aren’t just for kids

As I kid, I remember when it was time to take bath and being disappointed….not because I had to take a bath (I was always a big fan of bathing) but because it was a sign that it was the end of the day. It meant the end of whatever I was doing and time for bed.

Now that I’m a mom, I welcome the end of the day, the slowing down and starting the bed time routine.

Five reasons why baths aren't just for kids

I have two boys…they get dirty, like really dirty, so we do bath time every night. I pull out the toys, add some natural soap for bubbles, some Epsom salts and essential oils. (Serenity is a bath time favorite here!) A great way to start relaxing and calming down.

I love bath time for the kids, I also love bath time for me! I know some people think I’m kind of nuts but I try to get a bath in at least every other day. (for me time, not for daily cleaning! :) )

Baths aren’t just about getting the dirt from the day off, they are so good for other reasons.

Five Reasons why Baths aren’t just for Kids:
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  • It forces you to turn off what you are doing and relax! I will fully admit to too much screen time. Cutting down screen time while you are in the bath is going to set the tone for a better night’s sleep. It will cut down on anxiety and help the brain start to wind down for sleep.
  • It can sooth tense and achy muscles. Let’s face it, getting old involves a bit of discomfort here and there. Adding a cup or two of Epsom salts (and some essential oils) is a great way to relax those tight muscles. After a stressful day, an eppie bath is perfect to reverse that tension. This should also cut down on leg cramps too.
  • Baths are a great way to help hydration. Summer heat and long hours of working can drain your water reserves, taking a bath will keep you hydrated. We make our kids take bathes when they are ill, we should do the same when run down with a bug. Baths are healing.
  • Is your system a bit congested? Add some Epsom salts, apple cider vinegar and essential oils to your bath and it can help detox your system. Your skin is a great organ that can aid in detox, taking a bath, even weekly with the things I mention above will help keep your system moving. (If you want a few more ways to help detox, check out my post on how to move lymph fluid)
  • And speaking of your skin, your skin is a great way to absorb nutrients. When you add that cup or two of Epsom salts, you are helping your body build up in magnesium. A lot of times if you have a compromised gut, your body will have trouble keeping up and absorbing magnesium. So, one way to help? Add magnesium oil or Epsom salts with your bath. You will feel the difference! (It was a lifesaver for me when my gut was at its worst)

I know, you are going to tell me you don’t have time to sit in the bath. But, if you have 20 minutes to sit down on the computer, you can easily exchange those minutes for a bath. A bath that is so good for your body. Taking care of your body is key to good health.

Tell me, are baths a part of your nightly routine? 

*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


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    Sigh. This is so good. I was so good about doing this a couple months back and I have gotten so bad about it! I did not know about the ACV – I have been using baking soda with my epsom salts – same effect?

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