Easy Peasy Plantain Poultice

It’s funny that I just blogged about how wonderful plantain is for bee stings and just a few days later my oldest comes running to tell me he got stung by a bee!

Easy Peasy Plantain Poultice

He really handled himself quite well. I’m proud of my man!

Easy Peasy Plantain Poultice

As my guy approached me with tears in his eyes grabbing his arm, I give him a squirt of Rescue Remedy and went to go find some fresh plantain.

I found a few leaves and brought them in to rinse off.

Then I chewed them, that’s not a typo, I did in fact chew them, to get the juices going and to apply to the sting.

The stinger wasn’t in the wound so I applied the chewed up plantain.

We left it on until it didn’t sting any more, which was only about a minute or so.

Easy Peasy Plantain Poultice

And the swelling and redness was down to just about nothing. I put a dab of plantain salve on just to make sure the sting was gone and to help with the swelling.

My guy was up and running again in just a matter of minutes. We love plantain!

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  1. […] Plantain is a very soothing herb. More than that, it pulls out infection while healing, which is why it has so many great uses. We have successfully used it to prevent infection as well as clear up an infection that set in already. During the summer we use it constantly on mosquito bites….it even works on hard core bee stings! […]

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