Dehydrating Tomato Skins

Canning season seems to have hit here with a flurry! We’ve been busy preserving tomatoes, blueberries, peppers, and celery the past few weeks. I’m hoping to finish up and move on to apples, grapes and beets this next week.

One thing that always bothers me is the amount of waste when canning whole tomatoes. But, what can you do with a pile of blanched tomatoes skins?

Dehydrating Tomato Skins

Other than chicken food I really couldn’t think of much use for them. Until Pinterest! Yes! I saw that you can dry them and grind them into powder to use for sauces and soups.I knew I had to try it.

After peeling all the tomatoes for canning, I laid the skins on the screens. Try to get them flat and don’t layer them as they don’t dry well then.

I set my dehydrator at 125 degrees as that is what is recommended for vegetables on my Excalibur.

They really didn’t take that long, I put them in around 6pm and when we got up they were done. (Okay, so when I remembered to check on them after my coffee, I found they were done) I will time it next time and update.

Some of them were a little stuck on the screen but were easy to kind of just scrape off with a butter knife. (Scientific ,huh?)

Then I just threw them in the blender until they were a fine powder. Store in a jar with a tight lid and you should be set.

I plan on using this to make tomato paste for sauce. I found this great conversion chart here. You really don’t get a ton of powder for the amount of skins.

However, the way I figure it, it still brings the price of a bushel of tomatoes down. If I don’t have to buy at least one box of tomato paste, then it kind of cancels the price of one bushel of tomatoes for me. That’s not too bad for little effort!

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