Chiropractic Care for our Littles

I’ve always been a big fan of chiropractic care. Scratch that, I was actually kind of terrified of chiropractors until I put my back out and couldn’t walk without looking like I had a pole shoved up you-know-where. Then the chiropractor didn’t seem so scary!

Since becoming more in tune with natural living, I’ve really learned the importance of proper body alinement. Most of you wouldn’t drive a car with a front end misalignment, why do the same to your body?  A body not in proper form has to work harder, which puts stress on it. Stress causes malfunctions and illness.

There is no difference for our little people either. In fact, I’ve come to believe it is even more important for babies and kids to have regular chiropractic adjustment to accommodate the need of their growing bodies.

Birth is not a gentle thing for a little one making its way earth-side, especially today when doctors are quick to ‘help’ the process along.  It is not uncommon or a baby to have sublaxtations from the birth process. Did you know that a baby with a vertebrae out of line can have difficulty nursing? A new baby is a big enough adjustment, having nursing issues on top of that can send a momma to the nut house!

Have you had a baby that spit up like a fountain?

How about a baby with colic?

Or chronic ear infections?

Or even constipation issues?

Did you know that chiropractic care can help all of those things? When the spine isn’t in line, the body doesn’t function properly. Regular adjustments as infants can help reduce those issues. (Source)

I wish I had taken my youngest to the chiropractor when he was an infant. When Little J’s walk didn’t improve, I thought his problem was in the hips and I felt a chiropractor would be the best judge of that. Well, it turned out he had quite a curve in his spine. Dr. Amy, our wonderful chiropractor was great and with in the first adjustment, we could see a major improvement in his walk. I also noticed a huge jump in his speech after an adjustment. It makes sense though, when the body is in proper form it allows for other things to work they way they are suppose to as well. The spine has a major role in all of our body systems.

After a few weeks of  weekly adjustments Little J was running around the house like a nut. And you know what else? He grew more confident! He had always been a bit timid about physical activity and now there is no stopping him.

'Who is that masked man?'

‘Who is that masked man?’

Little J continues to see Dr. Amy but not as frequently as he is holding his adjustments better than when he first started. He still has issues with low muscle tone that we’re are working on with an occupational and speech therapist that does reflex integration. He also tends to tire out easily, which is common with young ones and low muscle tone. They have to work HARD!

Our oldest goes as well. It turned out he has the making for scoliosis, Dr. Amy could see a difference in the muscles in his upper back. With early chiropractic care, he should have no issues as he grows. You can do a lot for scoliosis when it is caught at an early age. Plus, it’s rough work being a Super Hero!

One of my Super Heroes!

One of my Super Heroes!


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    Love this! I have many friends who have seen HUGE improvements with chiropractic for little ones. Several of them use chirpractors who also do cranio-sacral (?) therapy which really helps heal birth trauma. I know of people who say chiropractic does wonders for ear infections, too.

    Thanks for linking up with Wellness Wednesday! I hope you join us again!

    Anjanette – Raising the Barrs (

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