Nourishing enchilada sauce


It’s getting to be germ season and I’m all about keeping us healthy. That means our food needs to count. We are building healthy guts here and an easy way to help do that is by using bone broth. I add it to soups, stews, gravy and sauces. (When we are sick, we drink it…

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Trim Healthy Mama “S” meals (gluten/dairy/egg free)

A collection of more than 20 Trim Healthy Mama recipes that are gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free!

Last month I set out to make a list of allergy friendly E meals recipes that are gluten, dairy and egg free for all of the mama’s out there trying to do the Trim Healthy Mama plan with allergies. You guys have given me such love that I decided to follow through and work up…

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Apple Crisp (gluten,dairy, egg, and sugar free)

A recipe for apple crisp that is gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free!

I’ve been playing in the kitchen this week, mainly with baked goods. For awhile I was just not ready to attempt to bake things that were gluten, dairy, egg and sugar free. I think my brain was too tired to handle it. But, this mama needs dessert and this apple crisp isĀ gluten,dairy, egg, and sugar…

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Gluten/dairy/egg free Trim Healthy Mama *week 3*

Gluten/dairy/egg free Trim Healthy Mama weekly menu, week 3!

Another week! October is going by fast!! Hard to believe. We are for sure taking advantage of the fall cabbage harvest. It stretches out a meal and it tastes so good when cooked right. (And if you shred if finely, the kids can’t tell!) I really need to make sure I’m getting my protein in…

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Dairy Free Creamy Chicken Soup

Dairy Free Cream Chicken Soup

As much as I enjoy cooking, some days I have no desire to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Well, I really don’t want to spend a lot of time doing dishes. But, I take pride in cooking my family meals that are nutrient rich and from whole foods. I like to keep…

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