Chicken ‘fried rice’ quinoa (gluten free/ thm)

Chicken 'fried' quinoa (gluten free/ thm)

Is anyone else a big quinoa fan? I totally am but I fall into a quinoa rut a lot. My goal this month, because I am working on eating more carbs (E meals for those of you on the Trim Healthy Mama plan) to help my adrenals, is to experiment with quinoa more. ¬† I…

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Asian chicken and vegetables (gluten/dairy/egg/msg free)

This Asian chicken & vegetables dish is gluten, dairy, egg, & MSG free. You can have a healthy Chinese food dinner at home, without the bag ingredients.

I was totally excited this week when I saw that the grocery store was doing their 10 for $10 sale. Normally this doesn’t excited me, however, this week it was loaded with fresh vegetables! Woot! I love cooking with veggies as much as possible. I love the flavor, color and nutritional boost they give to…

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Nourishing Chicken Lo Mein (gluten/dairy/egg/msg free)


Chinese take out is an indulgence that doesn’t happen for my family often. Mostly because we live in a small town¬†with no take out option. That is probably a good thing because Chinese food is not the cleanest option for take out food. It is often loaded with MSG, sadly. However, my kids LOVE lo…

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