5 Ways To Banish Brain Fog

As much as I don’t like to admit it, the past few months I have struggled with horrible brain fog. I used to think I had issues, but when I cut out eggs and dairy on top of gluten, I was a hot mess!

I literally could not think of words, I’d walk into a room to get something and totally forget what I was suppose to do and forget about going to a store with a list.

5 ways to banish brain fog

A friend kindly pointed out a few things that would help and I needed the help. When your brain is not functioning properly it is difficult to even come up with things that can help. 

It was also at this point that I decided to run a hair analysis test to see what my mineral stores were and just what my body was up to. I had really come to a point in this Hashimoto’s journey that I didn’t think my main issues was my thyroid anymore. However, since I have the Hashi’s label, that is as far as my doctor’s would look.

Well, it turns out that I was right and my thyroid, while needing a bit of work, was not my major source of the symptoms I was experiencing. (All though, it all ties together) My adrenals were screaming for help. 

And I kid you not, with in a few days of taking some adrenal support, three times a day, I could feel such major improvement.

The hair test was very crucial in helping me to pinpoint some areas that I needed to work on to get a grasp on my health.

Brain fog is no longer my BFF and I can function through my day like a human. 

I really feel for anyone that is lost in the cloud of brain fog and so I’d like to offer my favorite 5 tips to banish brain fog!

1.) Cut out or reduce your sugar intake 

Yes, I know, I put the hardest on out there first. It kind of stinks because let’s face, sugar is yummy and fun. However, when I went back to taking out sugar from my diet, I could really feel a difference in my brain function.

Spikes in your blood sugar effect some many areas of your body, your brain function included.

2.) Eat more protein

This can be difficult when you are dealing with limiting food allergens but it is important. When my friend pointed out I was not getting enough I made a conscious effort to up my protein. It really made a big difference.

This was my lowest point in dealing with brain fog and I could really tell when I skimped on the protein during the day.

3.) Sleep

Get to sleep on time. I totally struggle with this, but it is key. Your body heals while it is sleeping. You need those hours to let your tired body rest and repair.

During the day, even if you don’t nap, put your feet up and relax for 15 minutes. It allows the brain to rest and gives you a jump start for the remaining hours in the day.

4.) Gentle exercise

Stimulating movement helps get your brain going. You don’t need to run a 5k to accomplish this, yoga, pilates, rebounding, even walking, will help.

5 ways to banish brain fog5.) Drink water

Hydration is key for our bodies. When it comes to thinking and brain function, it is essential. The brain starts to fog up when there is not enough water in your body making it difficult to concentrate.

All five of these tips are doable and affordable. I know it is not the end all be all solution to regaining all of your health back, it is a HUGE start. Each step you in taking care of yourself is as great start to meet your goals.

If you can get all five of this list in, then move on to a few more simple things to help your body heal.

Also, if you are interested in learning more about a hair tissue analysis, check out my friend Lydia from Divine Health From the Inside. She is a wealth a knowledge and I am so thankful to use her skills to help my poor, tired adrenals out.

Are you experiencing brain fog? What are tips to help cope with it?

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*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


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    Great tips Jessica! I’m with Kim, I find that if I do not drink a minimum of 2L of water I get that foggy feeling. So even if i’m not thirsty I chug chug chug!

  2. says

    Great tips! This year I started GAPS intro and my husband started a “mostly GAPS, and only homemade” diet – lots of soups, very low sugar, and homemade bread. Last time he thanked me for giving him himself back – since Day 3 of cutting out all processed foods and most sugar, his brain fog has been gone!

  3. says

    It’s so funny that all the things we hated our parents making us do when were small ,we now embrace ! Thank you for the article,it is very informative and has a good feel to it. i will try to remember to follow these steps toward lifting my own brain fog !

  4. says

    Really great tips!! I sometimes have that fog, but I figure it’s the result of having brain surgery, so that probably doesn’t help the issue much! Oh well, at least I know what to do and how to take care of it. Great tips, here, too! :)


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