Book Review Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause

When I found out I had Hashimoto’s, I spent a lot time trying to find out how to heal my body. The diagnosis of Hashimoto’s was a relief,  as I now had direction in which to start researching.

I was enthusiastic at starting a new protocol for healing but quickly became overwhelmed. There was not set standard of diet, supplements and medication that would work for everyone. Some people said give up gluten, others said dairy, and some said both. How do you decide where to start?

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Recently a friend sent me a link to a Facebook page that she came across and said, “I saw this and thought of you.” I had a few moments and decided to look. I found the site Thyroid Lifestyle and excitedly saw that the author was, in fact, a Hashimoto’s patient.

After not much time, I decided to order the book. On a whim I also emailed Dr. Wetnz and asked if she would mind if I reviewed the book. She said “yes” and sent me an Ebook.

As soon as I started reading Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause, (Affiliate Code) I was hooked. Dr. Wetnz is a pharmacist and it was very evident that she too had been through the likes of doctors not understanding the ins and outs of Hashi’s and wanted to heal her body.

“I wrote this book to guide others with Hashimoto’s to find and treat the root cause of their own condition, based on the research I did to overcome my own condition. I am a firm believer in patient empowerment and self-management, and what I love the most about being a medical professional is the opportunity to teach others how to take care of themselves and their loved ones.”

This is the book that I wished someone had handed me when I first found out I had Hashimoto’s.

One of my biggest frustrations was that so many people had so many different things that they thought was the best way to treat Hashimoto’s. Each one seemed to work for an individual but not everyone. As I looked further into what it would take to get into remission I realized that there are many causes and factors to Hashimoto’s and to heal you needed to get to the root cause of that.

SimplyHealthyHomeMy months and hours of research all condensed in this book! What a blessing!

Dr. Wentz clearly lays out what took me a long time to wade through. She  defines the many factors of how our bodies can develop Hashimoto’s and lifestyle interventions that can treat them.

The book is well written and laid out so that it is easy to reference sections with out having to read through the whole book. Each section is ended with the highlights of the chapter.

I was a bit afraid the book would be too technical a read for me but it has some of the best explanations of thyroid function as well as autoimmune conditions I have read. (And I’ve read a lot)

The book is 400 pages and she covers a range of topics such as, Depletions, Digestion Iodine, Inflammation, Infection, Immune Imbalance Gut, Gluten , Adrenals, Alkaline Phosphatase Triggers and Intolerances Toxins as well as diet suggestions, testing and supplements.

I get a lot of emails asking me what I am doing to have my Hashimoto’s under control. I feel so awful setting up a list of what I’m doing and then having to say “it might not work for you.” Here is a one stop answer to what I’ve wanted to be able to share.


I truly feel like this is one of those times where His plan is bigger than mine. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be able to contribute some writing to the Natural Fertility and Wellness blog. Being new to blogging, it’s exciting to be able to share with a much larger audience than my own.

With that, I have had an increase in questions about Hashimoto’s just this week. I find it no coincidence that I’ve been plowing through this book to be able to put my review up and all the traffic I have had from many of you with Hashimoto’s.

Hashimoto’s has been a one step forward, two steps back process for me. I pray that this book makes the journey of healing for you that much easier.

Dr. Wentz clearly has a desire to help others be aware of their options in treatment instead of being handed a sentence of ‘this is just how life is going to be for you’. She understands the range of symptoms that most doctors clearly don’t see as part of Hashimoto’s. She really has shown there is hope for Hashimoto’s.

What was the most helpful part of this book for you? 

(While I was given a copy of the book, I was not compensated for my opinions.) 

Any links to Amazon are through my affiliate code. Thank you!

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*For the record, my thoughts and advice are only my experiences or what others have allowed me to share. We don’t claim to diagnose, treat or cure.*


  1. Melissa Campbell says

    I have a 6 yr old daughter with Hasimotos and I struggle to know how best to help her since I don’t always know how she is feeling or what she is going through. She will act out when she is having a flare up and not feeling well. I know you said that what works for one person might not work for another, but could you share what you do to help manage your Hashimoto’s? Diet, supplements, yoga?? Thanks!

    • Jessica says

      I’m sorry. That has to be so tough as a six year old isn’t great at communicating what they feel. If you haven’t already, I would cut out gluten and any processed foods. A lot of people with Hashimoto’s also feel better cutting out dairy. Allergy testing is helpful so you know what to cut out instead of just guessing. (Allergies cause inflammation)

      You also want to help restore a healthy gut. There are a lot of ways to do that. Adding cultured foods to your diet will help build up gut flora.

      D3 is commonly low with Hashi’s patients. A good supplement and plenty of outside time is helpful.

      I think you’d totally benefit from the book. It really just gives you a lot of places to look at.

      I hope this helps you.


  2. Helene says

    how about soaking all ur grains b4 using or fermenting them (sourdough bread and pancakes) instead of going gluten-free? and using raw dairy instead of going dairy-free? does the book talk about this? have you tried this urself?

    • Jessica says

      Hi Helene. Soaking and your fermenting your grains is a good thing for gut flora but it isn’t the same as going gluten free. The antibodies that are attacking your thyroid are also known to attack gluten, thus it can raise your TPO.

      As far as dairy, I’m a big fan of raw! Each person is different and it depends on your body. I personally am not dairy free and am doing fine. :)

      The book does cover dietary issues and what the author has done that works for her as well. :)

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