Recipe (kind of) for Blender Salsa

I was asked by a few people for my Blender Salsa recipe  that I mentioned in my last blog post. I say “recipe” because I really don’t have one… I go by taste and so far, I’ve had no complaints.

One of my favorite things about summer is garden tomatoes. Yes, garden tomatoes! LOVE them. We eat them CONSTANTLY during the summer and we can a ton of them. Really, I think it is a ton. I did about 200 quarts of tomatoes this past summer. That’s no exaggeration either. Ask my kids, they became experts at running the ‘tomato squashier’.

August2010 031Why so many, you ask? Well, I can’t stand buying tomatoes in the store. You pay a lot of money for something that doesn’t taste like a tomato. I’m a snob or spoiled but I just shudder when I have to buy one.

One thing we miss a lot during the winter is salsa. I will not buy canned salsa so we just don’t have any in the winter. But, my boys asked for some and really, how can you deny your children’s request for healthy food?

I decided that I’d make a batch with our canned tomatoes. And, I can’t believe I hadn’t done that before! It was so yummy. My kids were eating with spoons and the next morning asked to have it on their scrambled eggs. (My kids are kind of weird, I know)

I know lots of people can salsa with their garden tomatoes but I’ve never been happy with the taste or texture of it, so this is my easy peasy blender version.

This is also the perfect condiment for those doing the Trim Healthy Mama diet. Homemade salsa is great because there is no sugar added. If you are one that likes a sweeter salsa you can add a dash of plan approved sweetener. I find our salsa is sweet enough with our home canned tomatoes.

Salsa is great for an S or E meal. It makes for the perfect dressing on a taco salad. We also LOVE it on scrambled egg and cheese. YUM!

Blender Salsa

For this batch,  I used one quart of canned whole maters, drained off the juice, half of a sweet onion, three cloves of garlic (It gives it a bit of heat my kids can handle), a handful of cilantro, a good dash or two of sea salt and splash of lemon juice. (I love lime but I usually don’t have fresh limes in the house) Throw that at all in your blender and pulse a few times. Then blend until it is a consistency you like.

Not very exact but yummy. I don’t add peppers because my kids aren’t big fans. I usually scoop out a bowl for them and then add some cayenne for my husband and I to make it spicy. I will occasionally add some cumin but I think I prefer the pure taste of the veggies by themselves.

My husband says this reminds him of the salsa we get at our favorite Mexican restaurant. That’s a good enough compliment for me!

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This recipe is linked at Whole Lifestyle Nutrition ,Gwen’s Nest and Stacy Make Cents for Trim Healthy Tuesdays.

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