Rescue Remedy: A Hero in Disguise

Rock Rose

Bach’s Rescue Remedy is another must have in our household. I started using it when I had some anxiety as one of my hashimoto’s symptoms. (This was before I knew I had hashimoto’s) I truly thought I was going crazy one night when I was laying in bed and just started feeling panicky and then…

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Momma’s Instinct

"Baby steps"

The idea of blogging has been brought up to me numerous times and truthfully, I really felt like I didn’t have much to offer anyone that you can already find on someone’s blog.┬áBut, I’ve had a nagging feeling that it was time to start mine own blog. I hope that my posts can be a…

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I did it!

Yes, I did it! Thanks to my wonderful husband, I’ve leaped into the world of blogging. I hope ya’ll will enjoy this journey with my family and I. Blogging is new to us, but natural living has become our lifestyle and a passion of mine. I love to share what I’m learning…just ask my kids,…

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