About me…

Hello! My name is Jessica and welcome to Simply Healthy Home. Simply Healthy Home is a place to share my family’s journey to being healthy…and happy.

YoungFamilyWhy Simply Healthy Home?

When I started my journey as a new mom, I wanted the best for my babies…which led me to the course of natural health, herbal remedies and whole foods.

My views have changed over the years and continue to evolve as I research and study. But more importantly, they ebb and flow with the needs of myself and my family. ¬†Stagnation is never good, in any aspect of our lives. That is why I continue to study and learn….it turns out the more I learn, the more I have to learn!

Simply Healthy Home isn’t going to be a place to find scientific information, but a place to tell you what I’ve tried and how it works…or in some cases, not works! Either way, I hope to share basic knowledge of whole foods, herbal remedies and supplements to give you a stepping stone for your own research.

Who I Am….

 SimplyHealthyHomeI am a wife and stay at home mom of two future Jedi Knights.

I grew up in the state of New York…no, not the city, in a small town just on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I went to college in Scranton, PA and during a summer break I met my husband. (He was my guitar teacher….it’s a good story, you should ask me about it some time. :) )

We married and moved to his home state of Michigan where we now live with our handsome guys, a few cats and a rabbit.

I grew up eating processed foods and McDonald’s every Friday with friends. This has been a long, not always easy journey, to a whole foods diet for me.

Teaching my kids how to eat well and live naturally is a learning experience, one of which my entire family is involved in!

After struggling with my health for a few years, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and it pushed me even harder to find the answers to living a healthy lifestyle. Remission is my goal and I will not accept less!

I also blog at Natural Fertility and Wellness, a great site for anyone looking at information on natural fertility,¬†Delicious Obsessions, where you’ll find great recipes and healthy living information and Intoxicated on Life, where you will find anything from grain free recipes to homeschooling information.