A little bit about Hibiscus

I think I’m getting a cold this morning. Blah. I needed something warm to drink and coffee didn’t seem to fit the bill. I thought for a minute and decided hibiscus and green tea would be perfect.


I love the tart flavor with a dash of raw honey. Did you know that hibiscus is full of vitamin C and is a great antioxidant? Due to it’s dark red flavanoids it has the ability to dilate blood vessels, which can help lower blood pressure and can lessen the effects of high blood pressure induced heart disease.

It’s a mild diuretic and is often used in some laxative formulas as it helps relax muscles.

I started looking into hibiscus when researching herbs for my hashimoto’s related anxiety. Hibiscus came up and I gave it a try. I just fell in love with it’s tart taste and while I can’t say that it did a lot to help me relax more, it really just fit the bill for a nice tea to to have in the house. I certainly didn’t get hyper from drinking it like Valerian!

In the summer we love to make a gallon of this tea, the slightly sour taste make it so refreshing. And the color is beautiful! I’ve brought this to many pot lucks and don’t bring any home. I use about a half a cup of dried hibiscus flowers and I brew them until they are a lovely bright red color. Then I brew 1/4 cup of green tea. Green tea can be picky so I do them separately. I boil the water, then I let it cool for 5 minutes before I add the loose green tea. I only let the green tea steep for about two minutes and then strain them. Any longer an your tea can get bitter. Honey to taste after it cools a bit, I like to retain as much as the good stuff in the raw honey as I can and then add ice. Perfect!


(Use with caution while pregnant as it is a mild diuretic)



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